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The Clean Criminal Record Certificate, i.e. a certificate from the Polish National Register of Condemned, is required, for example, from people working as clerks, but everyone has the right to obtain such data about themselves. Below there is some information about certificates from the National Register of Condemned.

How long is the Clean Criminal Record Certificate valid?

The provisions of law on the activity of the National Register of Condemned do not specify the period of validity of such a certificate. It can be said that the certificate is valid until there is a change in our criminal record. Therefore, if a person who received the certificate still has no criminal record, the certificate confirms the truth and, therefore, is up-to-date and valid.

Where can a Clean Criminal Record Certificate be obtained?

The entity that conducts activities related to the National Register of Condemned is the Information Office of the Poland National Register of Condemned with its registered office in Warsaw. Only the National Register of Condemned Information Office and information desks located at the courts of general jurisdiction can issue a certificate of no criminal record.

How to receive a certificate from the National Register of Condemned

An application for a criminal record certificate can be submitted at information desks that are located at provincial and district courts via the agency of our company. A list of such desks can be found on the Internet. You must bring your ID with you. A fee of PLN 100 is also required. You can pay in our office or by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by us. Another option is to send an application by post to the address of our office (00-581 Warszawa, ul. Marszałkowska 2 lok. 11). The application must be accompanied by a proof of payment in the amount of PLN 100. A solution that can be used by individual (natural) persons, as well as companies and institutions is sending an application in electronic form via a platform provided by the Ministry of Justice. To take advantage of this solution, you must first register on ekrk.ms.gov.pl or ems.ms.gov.pl and create an account on the e-Platform MS (e-Platforma MS). In this case, however, a secure electronic signature or signature confirmed by the trusted ePUAP profile is required. A fee of PLN 20 is charged here.