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Tłumacz in Poland is a modern company in Warsaw, offering a professional service to foreigners, as well as translation services (translations, including regular, specialised, authenticated (sworn) and interpretations) in the range of tens of world languages for individuals, businesses and institutions.

Its activity is based on the highest standards of customer service, availability of translators and price elasticity. Due to individual approach to each client. A very fast execution and reliable quality services, allows us to satisfy the highest demands of our customers.

Our team consists of carefully selected translators, editors and reviewers. They are graduates of foreign language philology national and foreign universities, and individuals with relevant knowledge and years of experience.

Qualifications of our employees are confirmed by numerous certificates, as well as membership in national and international organizations, among which may be ranked the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised TEPIS or Chief Technical Organisation. We constantly take care to ensure a smooth and reliable performance of our services, which is why our team is invariably developing and improving its qualifications.

We also work with trusted native speakers who adjust the texts in their native language. This allows us to ensure that our services are always top-notch.

Cooperation with us is a collaboration with experienced professionals: engineers, chemists, technicians, economists, doctors, lawyers – texts go through correction or verification by specialist in their particular industry.


Quality and confidentiality are prime issues for us. We care about the correctness of translations made by us in terms of content, grammar, syntax and punctuation. All our orders are subject to verification and correction. All texts, documents and data of our clients are treated by our staff as confidential. People working with our office are obliged with  appropriate agreements to maintain the confidentiality of contents of documents and customer data.

We pay great attention to confidentiality of information entrusted to us, in both written translations, and interpreting. We understand the value that information carries, so we guarantee that the information provided to us for translation will be kept in a safe manner and in accordance with the principles of confidentiality.

Thanks to your trust and our work, our team is constantly and rapidly evolving, and improving the quality of the services we offer. We focus on innovative solutions, integrity and a high level of customer service. We understand that the satisfaction of our customers is our future and an opportunity for further development.

Confidentiality and security of entrusted orders is our highest priority.

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The necessity to present important official or court documents to authorities and institutions located outside of Poland requires fulfillment of certain formalities, thanks to which our document will be credible. We are talking here about the Apostille clause and the legalization of documents.

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Warsaw, Marszalkowska str. 2             Warsaw, Marszalkowska str. 2

00-581 Warsaw, Marszalkowska str. 2  (interphone # 11(The other entrance from the Szucha str. 1, next to the Embassy of Ukraine)

 tel. +48 888 08 44 32 (Poland, Warsaw)

 tel. +48 505 704 067 (Poland, Warsaw)

Viber/WhatsApp +48 505 704 067 (Poland, Warsaw)

 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am – 3:30pm (other terms – by appointment)

NIP: 9522136430,   REGON: 361295642

mBank BANK ACCOUNT: 11 1140 2004 0000 3102 7555 7910

Transfer of funds from a foreign account to the account of mBank:

Warsaw, Marszalkowska str. 2Warsaw, Marszalkowska str. 2

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The Clean Criminal Record Certificate, i.e. a certificate from the Polish National Register of Condemned, is required, for example, from people working as clerks, but everyone has the right to obtain such data about themselves. Below there is some information about certificates from the National Register of Condemned.

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Below is a price list of certified and normal translations in most of the popular languages.

telefon English 45 zł 50 zł
telefon Albanian 90 zł 100 zł
telefon Arabic 80 zł 100 zł
telefon Belarusian 60 zł 70 zł
telefon Bosnian 65 zł 70 zł
telefon Bulgarian 65 zł 70 zł
telefon chinese 150 zł 180 zł
telefon Croatian 65 zł 70 zł
telefon Czech 65 zł 70 zł
telefon Danish 65 zł 75 zł
telefon Estonian individual price individual price
telefon Finnish 90 zł 110 zł
telefon French 45 zł 50 zł
telefon Greek individual price individual price
telefon Georgian 80-100 zł 100-120 zł
telefon Hebrew 150-180 zł 180-200 zł
telefon Spanish 55 zł 65 zł
telefon Indonesian 150 zł 180 zł
telefon Japanese 80 zł 100 zł
telefon Lithuanian 50 zł 55 zł
telefon Latvian 100 zł 120 zł
telefon Macedonian 65 zł 70 zł
telefon Moldovan 85 zł 95 zł
telefon Dutch (Dutch / Belgian / Flemish) 75 zł 80 zł
telefon German 45 zł 50 zł
telefon Norwegian 75 zł 80 zł
telefon Armenian 100-110 zł 110-130
telefon Portuguese 65 zł 75 zł
telefon Russian 40 zł 45 zł
telefon Romanian 85 zł 95 zł
telefon Serbian 65 zł 70 zł
telefon Slovak 60 zł 70 zł
telefon Slovenian 130 zł 150 zł
telefon Swedish 75 zł 85 zł
telefon Turkish 80 zł 100 zł
telefon Ukrainian 40 zł 45 zł
telefon Uzbek 100 zł 110 zł
telefon Hungarian 70 zł 75 zł
telefon Italian 55 zł 65 zł

The basis for calculating the cost of translation is the number of pages of text after translation.


- ordinary and special includes 1800 signs with spaces,

- certified (sworn) includes 1125 signs with spaces.


Due to the fact that every  text requires an individual approach and translation, realization terms for each order is individual.

Completion date depends mainly on the subject matter, the amount of text and language in which it is necessary to translate. We offer translations in normal and promptly mode.

However, we guarantee that your order will be executed as soon as possible.


Customers of our company are always satisfied, because we provide our services professionally and promptly. Each order is entrusted to us, checking highly qualified professionals in several stages. In case of large orders we employ highly responsible group of translators and correctors to do them as soon as possible.

Each order is treated individually, taking into account the needs of our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. Choosing us, you can rest assured that this is the right choice!

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